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Thinking, thinking, thinking

People often have the idea that meditation is about stopping your thoughts. So you would be able to sit down and stop thinking... Does this sound likely? That's not to say that such a thing will never happen, and if it does, be sure to enjoy it. But thinking is something your mind just does, like beating is something that your heart just does. It's not a bug, it's a feature. So when you sit down you will probably continue to have thoughts. And you don't really have to do anything about them, there's nothing to stop you from just thinking about things the whole time. In meditation, though, you can do something else, too; you can notice your thinking. And this is where the magic begins: there starts to be a relationship with the part of you that notices things and the rest of your mind. This relationship opens up a whole new territory.

It goes a little like this: I sit down and I start thinking about what I have to do when I finish meditating. That thought engenders…

Meditation: Searching for the Ox

Why the ox? Well, look at it, it's right there, in plain sight.

When you start meditating, you're looking for something. And what you're looking for is probably not meditation. That is, you don't want it to be. There's the part about how you're not going to be good at it, and how it's going to be painful, but almost certainly it's a means to an end.

And then you sit down and it's entirely different than you thought. So here is what I've noticed that I think might be helpful, a simple beginning:

Meditation is not hard to learn. Getting started is as simple as sitting down and noticing how it is for you. You don't have to sit in a certain way, although if you start to love it and want to do it more, it may help to figure out how to get comfortable so your body isn't bothering you.

So try that for 5 minutes and see how it goes. Just sit there and notice what your mind does, what your body does, what the air is like on your face, what the …